Cyber-criminals are industry agnostic! No matter the size of your business or the industry you are in. Governments, Non-Profits, work from home business, or retail it does not matter. To a cyber-criminal, there are 2 categories of victims.

1. Those they can exploit

2. Those they can use to exploit others.

That’s right, even if you perceive that you don’t have anything of value to a cyber-criminal. If your systems are vulnerable and a hacker can get in they can use you as a base of operation to exploit others. Why would they use my computer? The easy answer is to avoid detection and cover their tracks.

I have been doing I.T. for almost 3 decades and the level of cyber-crime is through the roof. Don’t take my word for it, look at the news. A few recent events come to my mind immediately.

A CITY in Florida pays Hackers to get their data back. Reread that sentence again. A CITY, that is a government agency, that is tax dollars were paid to get data back. Where was their security?

Another Example is a CHURCH in Ohio, cyber-criminals stole 1.75 MILLION dollars.

Over the last few months I have talked to businesses in our area and the level of complacency scares me. I realize the conversations I am having are different than most of my colleagues in the area. Different is usually met with skepticism at first!

But I am trying to bring awareness to businesses of how serious this is. The scariest thing is these things are preventable. Yes it takes a little more money, it takes some on-going support but it is preventable. I have talked to Government Agencies, Churches, and small businesses alike.

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