Technology is everywhere, yet we don’t always understand it. When things go wrong or get challenging, we turn to IT Services for help, but it’s becoming difficult for businesses to hire internal IT support staff. Here’s why and what to do about it.

The IT talent shortage has been an issue for more than a decade. A majority (56%) of leaders globally bemoaned the lack of tech-savvy employees in 2011. By the 2019 PWC report, as many as 79% expressed concerned about the talent shortage. In a separate KPMG CIO Survey, anxiety over tech talent was at its highest level since 2008. The pandemic spiked demand, and now there’s more remote technology and work from home system access to manage.

What Is Prompting the IT Talent Shortage?

Businesses know that they need IT help, and a shortage is nothing new. So, why does it continue to be a problem?

  • Technology is evolving fast, which makes finding skilled workers more difficult.
  • Baby boomers are retiring, which leaves employers scrambling to fill their roles.
  • Current IT workers aren’t adding artificial intelligence, machine learning, or other advanced tech skills.
  • Gender gaps in the tech industry narrow the talent pool.
  • Data scientists, software developers, and security and cloud experts have many options. Every industry has a need.

Employees need help troubleshooting temperamental devices, and businesses want people to setup technology, manage cybersecurity, and develop applications and software solutions, not to mention the know-how needed to get a company running again in the event of unforeseen downtime.

Finding the Best IT Fit for Your Business

IT recruits expect a competitive salary and benefits, plus a flexible, welcoming environment. To encourage professional development, companies are focusing on internal training. Microsoft now offers a professional degree program to develop data scientists. By 2025, Amazon wants to upskill 100,000 employees in software engineering, the cloud, and machine learning.

A lack of technical expertise within the business further complicates IT hiring. After all, it’s difficult to hire someone when you don’t understand what you’re looking for.

Many businesses also make the mistake of hiring for current technology needs without considering where they want to be with technology in the near and long-term future. They hire someone great right now who lacks skills to support technical evolution. That means spending more time and money later finding a new resource as the business grows.

The solution? Partner with a managed service provider (MSP). Get the benefit of working with a skilled IT team without having to hire each individual. The MSP gets to know your business needs and makes scaling technology up and down much easier. When you need a new approach, they can suggest the best option for your business practices. Plus, they have the staff available to help you along the way.

Finding qualified IT resources for your internal team requires resources. Collaborate with a trusted MSP partner to fill a tech skills gap; avoid having to recruit and hire in a competitive market; plus, enjoy ready access to the technical know-how your business needs today. Call us at 570-243-9205.

We found it very easy to work with Underdog. He gave a very clear and professional quote, he has been promptly responsive in all communications, and the network is working great. I feel very good about using his company for any future IT needs for our business.
Pam Watkins, Forks Bistro
Barton Heights had a very successful computer upgrade due to Underdog.  I met with him 2-3 months before the project and he gave us an estimate of the entire upgrade process involving 31 computers and a server.  He advised us and placed the order.  He also worked with us and ended up revising the estimate twice to completely satisfy our computer upgrade needs.  He added true value to his service as he was willing to perform the upgrade in the evening when we were closed to minimize our down time as we are a paperless business and rely 100% on our computers.  Carmine stepped up and took care of those problems as well, even though that was not his responsibility.  He always responds quickly to any issue that occurs.  I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Dr. Jeremy Wentz., Barton Heights Veterinary Hospital


Tim Stump, Shawnee Mountain Ski Area
Underdog makes you feel that you are his first concern if you have a Server down or you have a small printing question.  We have been with Carmine for 16 years and have only received quality service.
Dee McConnel, Straub Metal International
Thank you Underdog.  Will recommend you from the rooftops.
Law Office of Maria T. Candelaria, Maria Candelaria

12 years in business and I have been there and done that with other IT / Computer biz, and finally found one that listens, asks questions, and comes up with a plan.

If you are having issues or just want to see if there are options for and avenues of improvement for your computer / networking needs, checkout Underdog Computer and Network Support LLC.

There are some others that are good, but I cannot express the difference enough – they actually get it! Every business IS different with different needs and processes, and they take the time to find what is best for you instead of what they think is best for you!

Thank you, Carmine J. Corridore, for allowing me to have a stress free vacation this year! I look forward to working with you in the near future for some serious upgrades!

Carollee Streeter Kidd, CLK Transcription

“Underdog Computer and Network Support are amazing. They go over and above to help the small business owner Thank you Carmine for all you do”

Jennifer Narkavich, My Girl Managed Services - Marketing Consultant

Underdog Came out to install our Phone System. They made a complicated process easy. Brian Davis, Full Circle Removal.

Brian Davis, Full Circle Removal

We have used Underdog Computer and Networking for business and personal use.  We have found them easy to schedule an appointment, very responsive, professional, and quick to isolate the problem and/or identify our real need.  We highly recommend Underdog.

Denise Flietman, Spread Eagle Realty
Jill Reeder, Pearl S Buck International

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