Cyber Hygiene is Important for your Business’s Overall Security Oh hello there! I am currently taking care of some personal hygiene! That’s better, Hello this is Carmine Corridore of Underdog Computer and Network Support with another Video Blog! This week we will be talking about Cyber Hygiene! Let’s Get Started! Everyone understands what it means to use personal hygiene and why we do it. Let’s take a quick peak at Typhoid Mary In the early 1900’s Mary Mallon worked as a cook for many wealthy NYC families. In 1906 she took a position with an Oyster Bay family and within 2 weeks 10 family members were hospitalized with Typhoid. She changed jobs and in three more households similar occurrences. In late 1906 one of the families hired a Typhoid researcher named George Soper to investigate. What he discovered Mary Mallon was present at each and every outbreak from NYC all the way to Oyster Bay. She went on to infect several more people before she was captured and confined to quartantine for the rest of her lift. It was discovered by washing hands with soap before touching and preparing food. Washing dishes with soap and water. Frequently bathing with soap and water and clean clothes were all ways to reduce the risk of typhoid. They developed personal hygiene habits that not only protected you from typhoid but lowered your risk of then spreading a virus that caused death to others. How does that relate to Cyber Hygiene? Cyber Hygiene is a good practice to keeping your computer systems clean which will reduce the risk of you being hacked, getting Viruses and spreading viruses to others. So what is considered Good Cyber Hygiene?

  • Patched Systems, a system that has all their security updates, software holes patched, drivers up to date. Make it much harder for hackers to find a way into your system
  • Computer Monitoring and event monitoring – a consistent watching of logs and behaviors of your computer can help you predict when something is not normal
  • Next Gen Business Class Antivirus. Antivirus is good but it’s your fathers antivirus and most are signature based antivirus which is an old and ineffective way of staying secure. Next Gen Antivirus uses machine learning to predict when something is a virus
  • Next Gen Business Class firewalls. All firewalls are not made equally, there are consumer grade firewalls that are not built to handle sensitive business traffic. Next Gen firewalls like the antivirus uses machine learning and go hand in hand with the antivirus to predict unwanted traffic and thus turning it away
This is just a start to good cyber hygiene, if you are not an IT professional you can’t possibly dedicate the time necessary to making sure you have good cyber hygiene. This is not a once and done practice, it needs to be done constantly. You need to have a professional that understands and practices Good Cyber Hygiene. I hear all the time; we have “throw away computers” everything we do is in the cloud so the computers don’t really do anything. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is your computer is the weakest link. If your computer is not up to date with everything hackers can compromise your system get in and then have an open door to your cloud based system. Furthermore if you have customer data or worst if you connect directly with customers system you are in fact opening them up to risk. I just recently heard the story of the Target store crash. They determined the root cause of the problem was their HVAC vendor had a compromised system and when he connected to their network he infected them. He basically became Typhoid Mary! Cyber Threats need to be taken seriously especially in the day of “Throw away computers” and cloud based systems. You need a Cyber Security Partner that not only understands but practices good Cyber Hygiene. Underdog Computer and Network Support is such a partner and as the areas only Managed CIO we specialize in CyberSecurity. Don’t be Typhoid Mary, call Underdog Today and Never Fear, We Fix I.T. Here!]]>