Hello Everyone Carmine Corridore; Underdog Computer and Network Support – Here again! Let’s discuss Annual Reviews!

Do you notice once a year, we get a physical exam by your Doctor. Every year our Car inspected by your Mechanic, At least once a year we are reviewing our books with accountants, finances with our financial advisor.  And yes every year we are reviewing taxes we paid and filing the forms!

But I bet you have never done a review on your computer network? The most important part of your business the computers and network infrastructure. If you are like most businesses, none of it was planned it was put together and upgraded as your company grew. Have you ever just took a step back and made sure it is adequate for your business now and will be for your business moving forward?

If you are an Underdog Client – the answer is yes. Everyone one of our clients, gets an annual review on their business infrastructure. We take time to understand the clients business and make recommendations based on where they are and where they need to be.

This year I am offering for a limited time only a Comprehensive, No Strings Attached, noninvasive and Impartial Review of your Computer and Network Infrastructure. I normally charge $299.99 for this assessment but it’s my New Year’s gift to you, Start 2019 off right. Now Even if you have an IT person or team think of this as a Report Card to see how well they are doing. We will spotlight the weaknesses if any and highlight strengths. You can take this review to your IT people.

If you are a small business with 15 computers or less call me at 570-634-5350 or drop me an email support@underdog-development.com or message me thru facebook.

This offer will not last so reach out to me today!

Underdog Computer and Network Support, Never Fear We Fix I.T. Here!


Published On: December 28th, 2018 / Categories: Information Technology, Managed IT Services /