Covid – 19 – forcing your business to work remotely?

Here is Pennsylvania like most states have declared a State of Emergency. With that an unprecedented force closure of non-essential businesses. If your business is on that list you may now be struggling to figure out how to keep your business functioning. And How to have your employees working from home.

There are many businesses that have taken to the cloud for some or all their line of business applications. For those, it may be much easier to move their workers remotely.

If you are a business that still has some or all your business tools on-premise(not in the cloud). You may not be so lucky. But luckily we live in a technology-rich era. To make the move remotely can be done with little effort and change. There are much remote software that you can download and install. You may even be able to VPN into your office.

But, for both scenarios, you shouldn’t risk security. If you are going to allow your workers to use their home computers. You should make sure they have an antivirus on their computer. It has been updated and the computer itself is up to date.

You may consider having them take their office computers home for the time being.

As an I.T. Company, Underdog Computer and Network Support considered an essential business. We will remain opened and if you need our help. Give us a call today 570-243-9205


If you Don’t know if your business is essential check this list

If you think your business should stay open you can apply for a waiver here

For more up to date information about Pennsylvania Covid-19 Responses Click Here