To expand on this series of blog posts, The way we do business is evolving and we have reached a tipping point! More and more businesses are doing services in the “cloud” then on-premise and that trend are likely to expand. So then that begs the question, why do I need I.T. people? Surely abc cloud company has its own I.T. staff and I can call them when I have a problem.It is true that many cloud-based companies in a way to entice you to come on board. They will claim that you can cut out your on-premise I.T. people for their experts. The truth is they can help you to an extent, you see they are an expert in their business and their software. Many take the position well it is cloud-based so all you need is a browser and the internet.
They fail to recognize:

  • Your environment may be unique
  • Your staff may be unique
  • The interaction you need with other software

Furthermore, they do not have a relationship with you or your organization. Your first interaction with the company is through the sales person whose job is to on board you. Ultimately when something fails outside the scope of their service and skills. Or they can not remotely solve your issues they will ask you to get an I.T. person
Underdog Computer and Network Support LLC, works with different companies. We work both in the cloud and on premise. We help you identify, plan and secure your environment. We help you connect all the pieces of your business together. And we provide a single point of contact. We provide a single solution not finger pointing.