Managed I.T. Services, what is it good for? Is it a scam? Hello everyone – Carmine Corridore of Underdog Computer and Network Support, here again with another Video Blog.  This time we are discussing Managed Services, What it is and what it isn’t! So let’s dive in! The term Managed Services is one of those overused techie terms and trends that most I.T. companies are pushing these days. Before I dive into that, let me explain what I.T. is for those that don’t know or understand that acronym. I.T. simply means Information Technology it is similar to Computer Support, Tech Support, your Computer Guy or Computer People. Typically a computer company that does I.T. basically supports everything computer related, some may not do repairs while others still do. Underdog still offers computer repairs. Back to the main point. So the term Managed Services is different also depending on the computer support firm you talk to, treats managed services differently. But the general consensus it is a set monthly fee usually based on the amount of devices or computers the company has and it includes certain features like Remote Monitoring, Patch Management, Antivirus – and what usually varies is the added support, unlimited phone and remote support or unlimited or limited hours of onsite support. To put it a much simpler way, Managed Services is a subscription service for technical support. As a society we have been trending to subscription based ways of paying for conveyances and then later for big ticketed items. So when you first think of Subscriptions you think of newspapers and magazines, later evolving to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime. Then software manufactures like Microsoft and Google, subscription services for their email packages instead of buying expensive email server, software and consultation it allowed the smaller companies that didn’t have the money to invest in that infrastructure to get it on-demand and as much as it needed. As your need grew you could purchase more. Microsoft took it a noch up and expanded to their office suite so instead of plunking down 300-400 every few years you are paying 11/month – the advantage is as soon as a new version came out you received it. The advantage for Microsoft is they had a steadier stream of revenue. Then computer support companies started offering Managed Services contracts which allowed a piece of software to live on your computer(s) provide some automated remediation services, managing patches(software updates) and managing antivirus. Bundled with that is a familiarity with your business, ability to “predict or prevent problems by providing proactive support” added to that some kind of tangible technical support service. The benefit to the client was a budget friendly, predictable expense. The benefit to the managed it provider is predictable income.   Now remember I said, the benefit of Managed Services for the client is prevent problems and being proactive, essentially fixing issues or alerting the customer of issues before they become a big problem. Unfortunately, many Managed IT service providers do not do this. I would guess they had the best intentions but either bringing on too many clients or the sheer volume of errors, alerts coming in or not enough staff for the amount of work overwhelms them. Many Managed IT providers still react in “Fire Fighting Mode” and by that, I mean address an issue only once it has become a problem, which defeats the purpose. Now remember I also said, another benefit is patch management. So Microsoft releases patches every Tuesday for every supported operating system as well as software vendors release updates and hardware vendors release firmware. Patch Management allows the Managed IT company to release approved patches to your computer instead of everything that comes out. In other words, it is not something that can be automated if it were your computer already does that. Someone has to look at the patches being released and determine their safeness before releasing to you. Unfortunately many Managed IT service providers do not do this. Again I would guess they had the best intentions but for the reasons stated above. Not All managed IT Providers include antivirus as part of their offering but from my experience I have seen this not distributed as promise, in other words you are under the assumption you are protected and you are not. I have seen clients that have been promised all 3 of the things I mentioned for several years they thought they had it but sadly they did not! So what Am I telling you, is Managed Services a scam? Is it not a good thing to do? Is it right for my company? Who can I trust? Managed Services when developed and deployed correctly is absolutely not a scam. There are many Managed IT companies that are doing it right, they took the time to understand how run a managed service business, they took the time to understand their clients needs and they took the time to make sure the solution was right for the client. Underdog Computer and Network Support LLC. Is that company, Our goal is to grow slowly so we are careful when taking on new clients. We take the time to understand your needs; Managed Services is not a good fit for every business and if not we are upfront about that too. Maybe you are an every once in a while need for IT services that’s ok, we can still support you maybe a retainer or hourly works for you. So how do you know, give us a call Today 570-634-5350 or leave a message on one of our social media platforms we are offering a free no strings attached Assessment of your network, so if you are a managed service client for a competitor and you are concerned or you don’t understand your bill – give me a call and I will be happy to stop down and give you some good ol’ free advice   I’m Carmine Corridore; President Underdog Computer and Network Support, LLC. Never Fear, We Fix I.T.]]>

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