We all like to save money in our homes. An entire industry revolves around the “Do It Yourselfer” the weekend warrior. Some of us are good at working on cars, we fix our own and as a favor for a pal and maybe a little cash we do it on the side. Lots of people have Side Gigs because they are better at certain things that aren’t their main vocation. Of course there are people who fix computers on the side.  As Humans we must know when we are over our heads, when a particular project might need the touch of an expert. When it comes to businesses that rely heavy on computers you need to think twice when letting your cousins son work on your computer because “He built a gaming computer” or The guy who works for UPS during the day but moonlights working on computers because he knows a few things.  I know on the surface computers appear to have gotten easier to work with. Everything has moved to the cloud, networks and networking has gotten a lot less complicated. The couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is things have gotten more complicated and dangerous. There are more hackers, viruses, and cyber crimes then ever before. Every day you hear about a companies data breach. At the time of this writing Wells Fargo one of the biggest banks had a major outages.  If you are saying well those are big businesses what does that have to do with my small business. Consider this Example. Small Fictitious company Jones and Sons a construction company with about 15 employees. Jones and Sons has a file server, uses cloud based emails and has 15 computers networked together and some networked printers. Jones Sr used to use a dedicated IT company for all their computer needs but since retiring and leaving the business to Jones Jr. they do a lot more themselves. Jones Jr grew up with computers so he knows a lot about them. He maintains the computer network.  But now he is running the company and he doesn’t have a lot of time to put into the computers. But they seem to be running ok so he isn’t concerned.  One day they get hit with a Crypto Virus which encrypts all their data! How did it happen, well their commercial grade firewall went bad so Jones Jr went to Staples and bought a residential firewall. All the commercial grade antivirus expired so he installed one of those free antivirus solutions(The ones that say it is illegal to install in businesses).  Most of the computers are still windows xp “Because it doesn’t matter, all their stuff is in the cloud so these are just dumb machines” and the more modern computers are running the home version of the operating system and have never been patched.  Ok what about backups? Someone has been swapping out the tapes everyday surely we can restore from those. NOPE, they havent been working in 3 years. All the financial data, documents are all gone. For Jones and Sons the cost of downtime is going to be HUGE! Of course this is an exaggeration but it is not uncommon.  Similarly there are business that still engage with I.T. companies on a Time and Material Basis(Break/Fix). They only call when somethings broken to get it fixed. While these companies are a bit smarter because they at least recognize they need a professional(sometimes) – they still waste time and money. Because they anticipate having a unexpected cost they try to do whatever they can to avoid it. They may have an “Internal I.T. person because they know more then everyone else” . Because they don’t have an ongoing relationship with an I.T. company it may take a while to get someone to respond meaning if the problem is effecting your entire business you are out of business until someone responds.  Managed I.T. Services is more than paying a monthly fee. It is about letting you get back to the business of your business. Letting us handle your Technology. Your are an expert in what you do, we are an expert in Technology. 

  • Because you pay a monthly fee there are no unexpected costs.
  •  Because you have ongoing relationship downtime is actually reduced 
  • Because we have an active ongoing role in your business we can advise you on how to steer your technology
  • Reduce Downtime, Reduce Wasted Employees Time – Save Money!

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